Pest Exterminating Services

A-1 Pest Control Service company bug spraying for spiders & pests; Brown Recluse spiders & Black Widows. Also ants, roaches, crickets, & carpenter ants. Plus, centipedes, pillbugs, earwigs, & moths, earwigs. Call Us: (918) 835-2007

Termite Spray Exterminator

A-1 Termite Spraying Company does pro termite services for residential & commercial buildings. Termidor® (Fipronil) treatments are most common, but we offer all application types, including termite baits & trenching. Free Estimate

Bed Bugs, Fleas, & Ticks

The Bedbug Heat Treatment is the best method for success. A-1 Service Techs have become bed bug experts. Combination Heating & spraying get the bugs out. A first-time bed bug application for egss & bugs alike. Bedbug Service